Lying Awake

It is 3 am and I am wide-eyed.

This 25 pound bowling ball weighting itself on my abdomen is somehow not conducive to sleep. Hmph. Only 11 weeks to go. I'm told this is practice.

In the meantime, while there is no baby to be fussing over, it leaves an awful lot of time to lie in bed and think. Luckily, these days I have much to think about. Like...

  1. Cloth or disposable diapers?
  2. How can I arrange the furniture so that a crib will fit in here?
  3. Is it a boy or a girl?
  4. What should we name him/her?
  5. Will Linus (our dog) get jealous of the baby?

The answers:

1. Cloth - though I've yet to convince Ben of the logic of this option. Yes, weighing out convenience, I think we'll be using mostly cloth diapers. Did you know they are actually a whole lot cheaper? And they have new systems now that don't sound all that fussy. And you can get disposable diapers that are biodegradable for those times when cloth diapering is less convenient. Anyway, I'm sure my mom thinks I'm crazy and I won't stick to it and Ben may go on strike in protest but I really do feel like its a better option.

2. We'll have to move the bookshelf but it should fit along my side of the bed.

3. It's a girl...I think. And other people think so too. During the first trimester, I was sure it was a boy. Then I saw the ultrasound pictures and the profile kind of looks like me with a funny bird nose and everything. Then other people say that I'm carrying like it's a girl. My parents think it's a girl. And random people in airports have told me it's a girl and all my coworkers agree. But I have these dreams and one night it's a baby boy and the next it's a girl. just never know!

4. If it's a girl I have no idea what-so-ever. I have a couple names I like, but I'm not saying because the one I really like people think is old and stuffy sounding but I think is really beautiful and old-fashioned . And I've noticed that if you tell people now the names you're thinking they'll tell you whether they like it or not. But if you just name them the name you like people can talk about how they don't like it behind your back but at least they won't turn their noses up in front of you. If it's a boy, that's a lot easier. We really like Samuel Benjamin Watson.

5. Yes. But we're working with him. Trying to bring baby scents around him more and make him stay calm. I am going to dress a teddy bear in an old sleeper that has baby scent on it and make him practice leaving it alone. I've also thought of trying to find sounds of crying babies online and playing them so he gets used to that noise. Our neighbours were down here a couple days ago with their one year old and Linus was actually really good and relatively calm. I think he will get jealous because, if you haven't noticed, he's our son. I think it might be a little bit like when you bring a baby home and the older sibling regresses a bit. But mainly, I think we just need to make sure that Linus still knows that we love him and haven't forgotten about him or his needs. Plus soon enough, he'll have a new best bud climbing all over him, pulling his ears and riding him like a horse. Every child should be so lucky!

Well, now that I've gotten all that off of my chest, I think I will try to sleep again. Goodnight!

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jesse joshua watson said...

Sweet sleep, Amy, dear. (Cloth is the bomb. Easy clean, good on the earth, does not give baby chemical reactions to the who-knows-what goes into those gel beads inside diapers... Much Mo Betta!)

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